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CrackTool - 2.2

3.75/5 (4 投票数).

Crack Tweaks on one click


CrackTool v2.0
+ Added Beta Test for iFile Keygen offline. (if you are getting 'not registered' feedback with device type and iOS version.)
* Fix some crash on start and sub-process on postinst (sorry)

+ Added Support for:

- Bridge

- iFile

- ProTube

- ProTube HD

- ProTube Extension for YouTube

- Bulletin

- Messages

- QuickCall

- Search+

- iUnlock

* Feature: after install CrackTool 1.9 you can remove from Cydia. (Updates now is in-app! because some packages on Cydia force CrackTool to remove) if you want to remove CrackTool go to: About>Uninstall CrackTool(Removal). More fixes and updates coming soon ;)


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